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    3 Cool Free Infographics Templates

    It has been awhile since we posted something but we’re not coming back empty handed. We have brought gift of three cool infographics for you and they are absolutely free. And now something about these free infographics template, they are vector, PSD, unique & fun. Each template has its own theme and each has 3 color schemes. The fun part will come later, when we’ll take a look on each of 3 infographics individually. All infographics include various vector graphics icons, elements, labels and graphs, so no compromise on quality there. Download the one you need to create your awesome infographics. Or why don’t download all three as they are free anyway.

    infographics-thumbs_29Free Business Infographics Template

    The first PSD infographics is professional template made for professional presentation of your business performance. It can show your financial, marketing and non financial data through vector graphs & charts. There are other vector icons & elements that make the overall look of this template, there’s also room for adding narrative information too. It has three color schemes which means all the infographics elements, background and text has different color in each scheme. You can see all three color schemes of this free business psd infographics template here.

    infographics-thumbs_07Free Health Infographics Template

    Free health infographics template, this one is the one with fun theme. Confused? then don’t be, I like to call this infographics psd template “Apple infographics” but then that would be more confusing. If you still haven’t get what is it that I am referring to then its because you haven’t seen it and if you have then you already know. The one thing that stands out in this template is an apple, a round beautiful vector apple. it reminds me of that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, everyone must have heard this. Enough about apple, this template has different infographics elements and most of them can be related to dental hygiene & health. So if you’ve got a research related to this dental health than download it.

    infographics-thumbs_06Free Minimalistic Infographics Template

    The one thing I want to say about this minimalistic infographics template is that “ITS A BIG ONE!”. It has a minimalistic designs filled with interesting vector graphics waiting for you to add your interesting information in it. It has pretty icons, some bar graphs, pointers & labels.  It also comes in three beautiful color schemes. To use this template, download this free minimalistic infographics template right now & add new infographics elements in your collection for future.


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  • Infographics – The secret power of Cats

    Who doesn’t love cats, they are pretty little creation of our Creator. But who knew that they have some larger purpose that eludes our limitation of knowledge and because of our shortcoming of understanding the true purpose of our lives and why were we created at all. They have a secret power as you have read in the title but we’ll come to it later.

    Cats can be seen in the streets, in houses, on roofs, crossing the road or jumping from one roof to another. Where you find cats and how many can you see them depends upon the locale. But some of us love cats more than just seeing, we want to pet them and keep them as pets and some of us really do. They are more friendly, clean and prettier than having any other pet.

    2Two cats recently came to my life as in my house for the first time in my life. And for the first time I pet a real living cat and played with cats. Now one of the cat is friend of our family and he comes everyday to our house. It all started with me looking for best designed infographics. But I didn’t realize it had been in motion since the cat came into my life. Yes, it was of course predestined like all the events. It compelled me to write about cats, So when looking for infographics templates I saw a few great infographics designs but you know what is even more intriguing than design is the information itself.

    So Behold a one of the great infographics that I found with a simple design and interesting information. Cats have a hidden purpose which are shown in the image below. The cats purr and make vibrations when they are happy and that’s the secret power. It is useful for humans and according to different researches can benefit in different ways. They are useful for lowering the stress, don’t take antidepressants but get a cat. Purring is also good for the bones and strength of the muscles. Cats purring also helps in healing of swelling and infections.

    If you also have any interesting information to share, you can do it with infographics templates. We’ll like to see what do you have to share that can be used for the good of people.


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  • 10 Things about” Infographics

    In this post we’ll be focusing on a special “10 things about Infographic. Many people who become aware of the charms of infographics don’t know how to start and where to start. This template will serve as a good starting point for where to start.

    This template is a good starting point as any. You don’t need to be among the top infographics designers to make this style of template. It is a simple and classic piece of 10 things you should know about. And the best thing about it that it can be usable in a lot of situations. It is clear by seeing this that you put any of your product in place of Tapatio hot sauce and make it your own.

    Who are good Infographics designers?

    Good infographics designers are those who keep their audience in mind first of all. The template in question is a good example of simplicity. Sometimes an infographics is amazing in the designers’ eyes but it is not always amazing to the viewers. Sometimes it can even be confusing for the readers and not able to achieve its goals at all. How can you expect something to spread if it is a chore to even understand?

    Steps to create a good Designed infographics:

    Just imagine above “10 things you know about a sauce” can be your product instead of it.

    Choose a product or service you want marketed, or it can also be your business itself.
    Choose a title like “10 things about (Product/Service/Business)”
    Write a number of attractive facts about the subject matter. Let’s say 10 for example.
    Choose an overall theme background which should be simple enough so the content can be readable.
    Design the numbers which will be used as pointers.
    Design some images appropriate for the statements of attractive facts you chose in step 3.
    In last step put everything in the place and after some adjustments you can have a fairly simple infographics.

    Alternative: Download Infographics Templates

    infographics templates


    If you don’t want to create infographics, you can purchase infographics from the web. There are also free elements available on internet and templates for download.

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  • Tips to create or choose a good Infographics

    You can download Infographics templates in various types and flavors from the web. There’s even a website that publishes a daily Infographics. You can purchase Infographics templates of various colors, typography, styles, tones and themes. Alternatively you can create one yourself if you don’t seem to like any of the Infographics on the web to suit your needs. Whatever the case you must know what characteristics of a good Infographics.


    Know your audience:
    You want to always think of your audience when creating your Online infographic Templates. Something appealing to you because of your specialised skills or education might not even be understandable by other if you are presenting to common bunch of people. So keep it simple and easy to understand, use visuals and colors carefully or else it can be all for nothing.

    Keep the right flow of visuals and data:
    Great infographic design can tell a complete story successfully to the audience if you keep the graphics, colors and data right. The core thing is the information and the graphics are used to express that information. The flow should be first data then the graphics design not the other way around.

    Good Research and Facts:
    The information should be collected with good research. The design and good information will be affected by efficient researching. Coordination with the research team is important to know the basis of the data research.

    If you can’t create one then purchase one:
    You can purchase infographics templates from many website and download those infographics template to use them as a base. You can download these templates in editable formats to edit them later to use in your project. If you can’t create infographics you can certainly buy one.

    You can learn to create Infographics too. If someone likes the idea of designing he should try it. There are many tools available on the websites. These websites offers infographics creation tools which can help you in creating one. There are even online editors for non-designers. Google can be a great help to find these websites.


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  • The secret behind the success of Infographics

    As we know that Infographics templates are cool visual representation of information, knowledge and data. If you don’t know what they are then you can see this other post. Infographics has become a very popular in 21st century. In this era of technology and internet, the use of Infographics has become a very effective strategies in digital marketing.

    Buy infographic Templates

    In this age of Youtube and other video portals nearly everything is available in the video form. These videos are watched every day and all of this is making us move away from study and reading. Reading text is like some impossible task which should better left alone and moving to some other mode. Another thing is that we think we are getting fast in this age, so we should have plenty of spare time in our lives but it is the complete opposite. If we think for a moment, we don’t even have time to spend on reading then what good is this fast modern age.

    According to a research the use of visual information has increased by hundreds of times in literature and thousands of time on internet. Those who love reading know the value of reading but that’s for the normal people but to represent complex data and information in text can be really hard and as hard as it may to understand it who may lack the certain skills. Infographics design bridges this gap between visuals and words and summarize the whole thing.

    Infographics designers can be approached to order one for your project. There are hundreds of designs available if not thousands on various sites. You can purchase Infographics bundle if you use these Infographics very often. Infographics bundles and Infographics template packages are an economic way of buying a lot of Infographics template that can be used for different projects.

    Infographics templates can be bought in packages of 50s, 100s or any other amount. In packages you can have all sorts of templates colorful looking, professional looking, and funny looking, stylized with all sorts of charts, icons, fonts and typography.

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