10 Things about” Infographics

10 Things about” Infographics

In this post we’ll be focusing on a special “10 things about Infographic. Many people who become aware of the charms of infographics don’t know how to start and where to start. This template will serve as a good starting point for where to start.

This template is a good starting point as any. You don’t need to be among the top infographics designers to make this style of template. It is a simple and classic piece of 10 things you should know about. And the best thing about it that it can be usable in a lot of situations. It is clear by seeing this that you put any of your product in place of Tapatio hot sauce and make it your own.

Who are good Infographics designers?

Good infographics designers are those who keep their audience in mind first of all. The template in question is a good example of simplicity. Sometimes an infographics is amazing in the designers’ eyes but it is not always amazing to the viewers. Sometimes it can even be confusing for the readers and not able to achieve its goals at all. How can you expect something to spread if it is a chore to even understand?

Steps to create a good Designed infographics:

Just imagine above “10 things you know about a sauce” can be your product instead of it.

Choose a product or service you want marketed, or it can also be your business itself.
Choose a title like “10 things about (Product/Service/Business)”
Write a number of attractive facts about the subject matter. Let’s say 10 for example.
Choose an overall theme background which should be simple enough so the content can be readable.
Design the numbers which will be used as pointers.
Design some images appropriate for the statements of attractive facts you chose in step 3.
In last step put everything in the place and after some adjustments you can have a fairly simple infographics.

Alternative: Download Infographics Templates

infographics templates


If you don’t want to create infographics, you can purchase infographics from the web. There are also free elements available on internet and templates for download.


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