3 Cool Free Infographics Templates

3 Cool Free Infographics Templates

It has been awhile since we posted something but we’re not coming back empty handed. We have brought gift of three cool infographics for you and they are absolutely free. And now something about these free infographics template, they are vector, PSD, unique & fun. Each template has its own theme and each has 3 color schemes. The fun part will come later, when we’ll take a look on each of 3 infographics individually. All infographics include various vector graphics icons, elements, labels and graphs, so no compromise on quality there. Download the one you need to create your awesome infographics. Or why don’t download all three as they are free anyway.

infographics-thumbs_29Free Business Infographics Template

The first PSD infographics is professional template made for professional presentation of your business performance. It can show your financial, marketing and non financial data through vector graphs & charts. There are other vector icons & elements that make the overall look of this template, there’s also room for adding narrative information too. It has three color schemes which means all the infographics elements, background and text has different color in each scheme. You can see all three color schemes of this free business psd infographics template here.

infographics-thumbs_07Free Health Infographics Template

Free health infographics template, this one is the one with fun theme. Confused? then don’t be, I like to call this infographics psd template “Apple infographics” but then that would be more confusing. If you still haven’t get what is it that I am referring to then its because you haven’t seen it and if you have then you already know. The one thing that stands out in this template is an apple, a round beautiful vector apple. it reminds me of that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, everyone must have heard this. Enough about apple, this template has different infographics elements and most of them can be related to dental hygiene & health. So if you’ve got a research related to this dental health than download it.

infographics-thumbs_06Free Minimalistic Infographics Template

The one thing I want to say about this minimalistic infographics template is that “ITS A BIG ONE!”. It has a minimalistic designs filled with interesting vector graphics waiting for you to add your interesting information in it. It has pretty icons, some bar graphs, pointers & labels.  It also comes in three beautiful color schemes. To use this template, download this free minimalistic infographics template right now & add new infographics elements in your collection for future.



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